Obama Lies – Didn’t Create 2 Million Jobs During Time on Golf Course

Obama Lies – Did Not Create Two Million Jobs During His Time on the Golf Course

President Obama continues to lie about creating two million new jobs. His desperate reliance on the “Big Lie” repeated often is failing as numbers turn against his re-election.

The Big Lie – 2 Million Jobs Created During Obama Term

Barack Obama played 104 rounds of golf during his term in office, stopping only when the presidential campaign forced him to get on the road.

Obama Lies - Did Not Create 2 Million Jobs

President Obama continues Big Lie about creating 2 million jobs. Actual numbers show we’ve lost a net 61,000 jobs during his time on the golf course.

During his term in office and time on the golf course, 1,476 soldiers and American support staff died in theatre, and millions of Americans lost jobs.

Obama’s Interior Department stopped leasing land for new oil exploration, and refused to comply with court orders to permit Gulf oil drilling, even in shallow water. Obama’s EPA has issued a torrent of regulations (and has many more lined up for after the election). The EPA regulations are closing down power plants and coal mines, putting miners and utility workers out of work.

Obama himself has spent bad-mouthing America and businessmen who invest and innovate to create jobs. As a result, a lot of capital is sitting out of the market, and many jobs have gone uncreated.

In a video collage assembled by Mofo Politics, you’ll see Rick Santelli taking the time to add up jobs number revisions from BLS. The totals show a loss of 61,000 jobs since Obama became president.

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Obama Lies About Benghazi as Condemnation Grows

Obama Lies About Benghazi as Condemnation Grows

Updated Saturday, 2012-11-03 16:15 PDT

President Obama lies about the Benghazi attack continue, but condemnation of his failure to save the Americans there grows. Legacy media outlets have silenced the story, but independent blogs and news channels are slowly getting the word out that Obama ignored a terrorist attack and let the Americans at Benghazi die.

Obama Let the Navy SEALs Die in Benghazi

Resentment toward President Obama is growing because he let the Navy SEALs die in Benghazi.

Washington Post: A Security Breakdown in Benghazi 3 November 2012

The 3 November editorial board post in the Washington Post makes the case that there is really a serious problem with what the Obama administration has done. It’s done to incompetence or something more evil.

NEWS REPORTING about the Sept. 11 assault on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, has moved from the political and mostly pointless issue of when the Obama administration had publicly acknowledged that a terrorist attack had taken place to more essential questions: Why was there a security failure at the consulate, and how did U.S. forces in Libya and outside the country respond to the emergency? The result is a host of unanswered questions.

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Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Enlisted Courage and Elected Cowardice

Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Enlisted Courage and Elected Cowardice

The Benghazi terrorist attack is a sad but remarkable story. Never before has a cowardly elected US president turned his back on an ambassador and brave servicemen, leaving them to die. Here are resources you’ll need to explain this to low information friends.

Updated: Friday 2012-11-02 at 16:00 PDT – ABC News Reports Obama Trying to Run Out the Clock
Updated: Thursday 2012-11-01 at 17:00 PDT
Updated: Thursday 2012-11-01 at 15:00 PDT

The Benghazi Terrorist Attack Begins

On 9/11, about 150 bearded terrorists from Ansar-al-Sharia, an al-Qaeda affiliate, attacked our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The terrorists first blocked all the streets around the consulate, and then began firing with automatic weapons and RPGs.

The attack started at 9:40 PM local time, or about 3:40 PM EDT. Personnel in the State Department including Charlene Lamb (who had turned down ambassador Stevens requests for more security) and the White House watched the attack on live video from overhead Predator drones.

President Obama, Joe Biden, and Leon Panetta met at 5PM in the White House. There they received flash traffic and several emails from the US embassy in Tripoli and other sources explaining what was going on. They may also have watched the Predator drone video as well.

Obama Turns His Back on Our Servicemen

Obama claims he gave the order to “secure our personnel”. Unlike President Gerald Ford, who years before stayed on duty and directed efforts to rescue the Mayaguez from pirates, President Obama did nothing further. Obama instead ate dinner and went to bed to rest up for his trip the next day for a campaign fund-raiser in Las Vegas.
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National Journal Joins Benghazi Cover-up Conspiracy

National Journal Joins Benghazi Cover-up Conspiracy

National Journal has joined the conspiracy of deception and stonewalling to conceal the fact that Obama, Biden, and Panetta turned their backs and let terrorists kill Ambassador Stevens, his aide, and two Navy SEALSs. Never before has our media allowed such a thing to go unreported.

Obama has lied about videos causing the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Now, National Journal posted a despicable article by Michael Hirsh dated Thursday, 24 October. The article basically says “nothing to see here folks, move along. President Obama didn’t have any facts so he could not have saved the Navy SEALs. It may still be possible the anti-Islam video was involved”. As facts now show, all this is completely false.

The National Journal article is titled Benghazi: The Real Libya Story Is No Story. The article is crowded with lies from start to finish. The article is written to persuade readers that Obama, Biden, and Panetta couldn’t have saved Ambassador Stevens, his aide, and the two Navy SEALs because they just didn’t have any idea what was going on because of the “fog of war”. Hirsh writes

So in the ensuing days, the fog lifted only very gradually. The intelligence community did not see a clear way to explain the deaths of Stevens and three other Americans.

State Department employee Charlene Lamb testified before Congress that she watched and listened to the firefight

State Department employee Charlene Lamb testified before Congress that she watched and listened to the firefight. Surely the White House situation room and executive office of the president had the information and knew terrorists were attacking our consulate in Benghazi.

This statement is false. Real-time live video from two unarmed Predator drones, radio calls from Navy SEALs Doherty and Woods, and flash traffic from the US Embassy in Tripoli all confirmed that terrorists were attacking and that a firefight took place at the consulate and then at the CIA annex nearby. Obama, Biden, and Panetta had most of the facts on hand at 5PM ET in their White House meeting. Even lowly civil servant Charlene Lamb in the State Department was watching and listening to the live firefight on streaming video as it happened.

Even as Obama, Biden, and Panetta turned their backs on Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and let the terrorists kill them, the National Journal has turned it’s back on the story of their murders in order to protect Obama’s re-election chances. And the writer Michael Hirsh at National Journal is part of the post-murder cover-up.

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